This is the list of top 5 best games for girls. If you agree with this list.Then let us know in the Coments bellow.And Dont ever forget to Subscribe to my Channel.And Like this video and Checkout my other videos.🙂

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43 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Games For Girls Ever of 2019 | Zero Heat Gaming”

  1. I am a girl but I like boy type game and sometimes my friends you some like wired you a girl but you don't scared of insect so who like that tell me

  2. Guys I hv some games u can play its not that girly 1 animal jam 2 blockstarplanet 3 pubg which once you will try comment I bet u try all of them

  3. Not talking Angela, are you crazy?? Man I just unsubscribed, who tells his / her subscribers to download/play my talking Angela!!!? WHAT KIND OF YOUTUBER ARE YOU??

  4. Lil sister:Btw talking Angela is dangerous I don't know if it's right but just don't believe or you should maybe believe

  5. I liked game named shopping mall girl but my talking Angela is more better for my age but I already have done that game before. I had a big progress. 😁😁 and by the way I love your channel💫🤘

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