What is the Top 5 Best Legendary Cards in Clash Royale after the Mega Knight Update. What would be your list let me know in the comments?!
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50 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Legendary Cards In Clash Royale After Mega Knight Update”

  1. 1.Sparky
    2.lumber jack
    4.Inferno drag
    5.Mega Minion ik its not a legendary but i really think the mega minion is a really good card

  2. Mega knight is easy to counter
    I will say the combo for defeating mega knight

    1. Minipeka and mega minion
    2.lumberjack and mega minion


  3. this is the most broken combo in the game 2019
    deploy mega knight after that deploy fisherman and to top it all of deploy a bandit
    this is how it works mega knight works as the win condition
    the bandit and fisherman as support if there is a tank the fisher man pulls that card in close and after
    that knight and bandit take care of him and then if they reach to the tower no one can stop it
    {i create this by myself } if u have the rage spell{OR LUMBER JACK} then it is gg for the opponent
    try this and like this .
    you can also visit my channel to brake cr

  4. I have 3 legendaries
    They are:
    1 mega knight
    1 ice wiz
    3 minors

    Edit:please supercell give me something else than bloody minor
    I haven’t even upgraded those because upgrading them costs a bloody fortune

  5. power full is
    1. mega knight
    2. sparky
    3. lumber jack
    4. ram rider
    5. bandit
    6. electro wizard
    7. inferno dragon
    8. ice wizard
    9. royale ghost
    10. minier
    11. magic archer
    12.larva hound
    13.night witch
    14 greabard
    16. princess

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