The BEST Town Hall 9 Attacks in Clash of Clans! TH9 Strategy for 3 Stars in War including Hog Riders, Witch and LavaLoon.
BEST TH9 Attack –
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26 thoughts on “TOP 5 Best TH9 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans!”

  1. (1) GoHoBo
    (2) GoWiPe
    (3) Queen Charge LavaLoon
    (4) Queen Charge Hogs
    (5) PEKKA Hogs
    These are my top 5! You gotta love these! Huge fan Judo. Keep it up!

  2. Bro you don’t have any attacks without your bowlers. What about for the people who don’t have those Tripp’s yet? All your attacks looked reliant on those guys. So I’m not impressed.

  3. 1. witches and seklie spells 2. 10 minions, 1 drag, 2 hounds, and all the rest loons, 1 haste spells, 4 rages, 3. 3 healers, 17 wiz, 10 giants, 3 wall breakers, 2 pekka, 2 barbs, 2 arch, 1 freeze, 2 skelie, 2 rage, 1 heal 4. ? 5.?

  4. Wow, every TH9 war base I've ever fought has had a ElectroDragon in the CC, which would completely wreck me if I put my troops in like this. I'm also new to TH9, so my Heroes are very weak.

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