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Are you addicted to shopping? Do you dream of being a Supermodel? Love to date guys?

Become the TOP GIRL!

Do gigs, shop, dress, go clubbing, and flirt with HOT guys!

Customize fabulous outfits and maintain a relationship with your new boyfriend! Kiss him, buy him gifts, and take him out on dates! Photos will be saved to your phone capturing the special moment!
– 45+ Unique Ways to Customize your Look

– 350+ Unique Garments from Dresses, Shoes, and Purses

– 250+ HOT Guys to Date

– 15 Different Jobs

– 5 Club Themes
– Requires iOS 4.0+

– Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Generation

– 3G or Wi-Fi access is required for In-App Purchasing

– This game can be played offline (In-App Purchasing not available)
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25 thoughts on “TOP GIRL – Game Play Video”

  1. Omg I can't believe I'm really talking to the TOP girls from the runway I never barely get votes. I'm coco nyan on top girl . If you are my friends I'd vote for you everytime I go on

  2. @LuvskonaxxCP go to ur settings (phone settings not top girl settings) go to time go ahead of time about 2 hours then go back to top girl and model until you reach your money goal

  3. I love playing Top Girl on my phone. If you add me on gamecenter and play Top Girl daily, I'd vote for you every day.

    Add me please: olivrocks 🙂

  4. also i forgot to add that if my game center is full of friends i will delete some to put those who vote for me. (I'm a daily voter as well) just send me a message through here if im full.

  5. this game is super fun! 🙂 I am also looking for friends who vote in the runway. My gamecenter is ItsNani:3 and i'm number 9 there :]

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