CGR Trailers presents a Marine Trailer for ALIENS VS. PREDATOR, which was released on the PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360. This trailer features the Colonial Marines, first seen in Aliens, as they are caught between the Aliens and Predators in this first-person shooter (FPS). Various gameplay scenes are shown here as well. Aliens vs. Predator is from Sega and Rebellion Entertainment.


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43 thoughts on “Trailer – ALIENS VS. PREDATOR Marine Trailer for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360”

  1. damn it’s been 8 years already? i was 14 years old now i’m 22 and til this day this game remains one of my favourite games to have played, it was nice playing a campaign being an alien, predator or marine but the online multiplayer was so fun! i met so much great friends online from this game which sadly we all lost contact with each other, my sisters use to love watching me play and be silly and just have fun, that’s when multiplayer was fun and now it’s just camping, hiking under age noobs who ruin it. i hope that remaster this for PS4 or even bring out a sequel! It’s been nearly a decade!!

  2. Not a huge fan of the AVP shared universe, personally think the two should be kept separately. that being said the marine campaign of this game is pretty damn good, if only Aliens colonial marines campaign was more like this it would have been a much better game. theres more fighting aliens in an alien vs pred game than there was in a standalone alien game…

  3. If they ever make a sequel, to make a balanced game, all the really need to do is use a similar system to cod. Marines and Preds are able to choose from various equipment, and Aliens get perks. The balance comes into play when applying these to your character i.e. Certain items/perks take up more 'slots' than others, or you can't have 'x' and 'y' at the same time etc. A very basic example is choosing the shoulder cannon for pred, but not being able to have dual wrist-blades. so theoretically, you could create any class without it being overpowered, with only minor tweaks to individual items if need be – for balance improvement over the new game's life cycle. Only downside? A LOT MORE WORK, at least initially.

  4. Never mind scratch that anyway I love this game and I have got it on ps3 its my favorite game along side driver san francisco, minecraft and lego indiana jones the original adventure or adventures well you get the point guys so huh um realy nothing else to say

  5. This game was awesome and I excelled at the alien but the Rock Paper Scissors combat system was broken from the start. And the updates they did made it worst. Alien wall tail spamming. Predator plasma spam and double heavy attack spam (made me tear my hair out no joke), Marines blocking claws with their forearms -_- Plus a lack of customization and just skins and a boring 2 dimensional progression left me wanting an AVP 4 with all of these fixed running on unreal engine 4. How about Rebellion?

  6. The game or the multiplayer is actually pretty funny. The ALiens are cool the marinesa re cool the Predator is fucking overpowered….But i liked it more than the Singleplayer. A shame that CM wasn't that good as we expected.

  7. Omg this game is shit instead I got aliens colonial marines I could not find aliens vs predator 3 in target or Walmart I people got bored of it and did not sell it anymore

  8. I mean that some of the gameplay elements were quite frustrating. Also, Nightmare difficulty was extremely difficult and I hated it. For the gameplay of the Alien and Predator, it should have been in 3rd-person and it should have played to something similar to Batman: Arkham City (just more violent). They got the 1st-person aspect for the Colonial Marine right but it was needed real polish.

  9. yeah i agree aspects of the game were very rushed but when they make avp4 it will be set most likely on zeno-prime and with colonial marines coming in february they will have to make it good!

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