This is my presentation for the Transformational Leadership Development module. To be more creative, I present this clip as one of my vlogs to show my interaction with the camera and my editing skills that I have learnt.
This clip contains my presentation has two parts. The first part describes my experiences I have gained so far during the time I am studying in NBS. This part also has Vietnamese subtitles for my subscribers to easier follow. In the second part, I discuss five questions given by NBS and provide my own examples.
I hope you enjoy it and stay safe with coronavirus!

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3 thoughts on “Transformational Leadership Development 2020 – Quang Vinh Le (N0894260) (VIETSUB) | Presentation”

  1. I regularly say this to my subscribers: "When you are walking and working in a rhythmic leadership mode, you have clearer thinking and a sharpened mindset that ignites your purpose, passion, and priorities."

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