This tutorial covers how to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 8 with step by step directions. It also covers how to check before upgrading if your computer is compatible and supports being upgraded with the “Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant”., nâng cấp win xp.

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39 thoughts on “Upgrade Windows XP To Windows 8 [Tutorial]”

  1. Here's the problem.

    I'm running Windows XP 2002 which is literally one of the earliest versions of XP available. And literally can't download anything or get it to load any sites at all. So I can't even do this.

    Yes. I tried putting a windows 8.1 disc in. It acts like it'll install, then a black screen pops up, and white flashing text saying that my system needs to restart. Then it restarts the whole system and tries booting from the formatted drive again, bringing up the no MT- something error.


  2. ummm 12:58 why does it look like 8.1 on top of the old xp version? it doesnt remove the xp version? just lets you use the 8.1 inside the xp one??

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