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The “USB not recognized” error message commonly occurs when using USB device. So this video will show you detailed solutions on how to fix usb not recognized on Window 10/7/8.

Solution 1: Use Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

1. Open Control Panel (Press ‘Windows+S’ and type ‘control panel’ and click OK)
2. Select “Troubleshoot” on the Control Panel and click “Hardware and Sound”
3. Select “Hardware and Devices” and click “Next”. It will detect if there are any problems, most probably it will recognize and try to fix the USB device problem automatically.
4. After a while, click on “Apply this fix” and try to see whether the issue is getting fixed or not

Solution 2: Uninstall and then reconnect the USB device

1. Open Device Manager (Press ‘Windows+S’ and type Device Manager.)
2. Select Disk Drives from the list of hardware
3. Right click the external USB drive that has the “USB device not recognized” issue. Select Uninstall.
4. After uninstalled, unplug the USB
5. Wait for a while and then reconnect the USB device, check to see if the USB drive has loaded in the Windows Explorer.

Solution 3: Update the USB Device Drivers

1. Right click on Windows Logo and click Device manager to open “Device Manager”;
2. Target to “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and double click on it. It will display a list of USB controllers.
3. Right click each of them and select “Update driver”
4. Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” on the window and allow the process to run.
5. After that, you will get noticed that The best drivers for your device are already installed

If you don’t want to follow the text guide, just check the video from timestamps to unlock more useful solutions:

Solution 1: Use Hardware and Device Troubleshooter 01:11
Solution 2: Uninstall and then reconnect the USB device 01:44
Solution 3: Update the USB Device Drivers 02:18
Solution 4: Reinstall USB controllers 02:57
Solution 5: Fixing USB Root Hub 03:23
Solution 6: Disable USB selective suspend settings 03:48

By the way, in the worst-case scenario, if you may have to format the drive to make it usable again and lose the data that was on the USB drive to circumvent the device not recognized error, you can try Recoverit data recovery software to recover your data!

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2 thoughts on “USB Device Not Recognized on Windows 10/7/8? Fixed Now! | device manager win xp”

  1. If you’re on Windows 10, and you’re noticing this error that the "USB device not recognized", don't worry this is the issue many of the windows users are experiencing like you.

    To solve this problem simply open the control panel by pressing on ‘Windows+S’ and type ‘control panel’ and click OK. Then select “Troubleshoot” on the Control Panel and click “Hardware and Sound”. Click on hardware and device and press on the Next button. It will detect the problems and fix them automatically.

    If this method doesn’t work to solve your problem, update your USB port driver and try again. You will get your solution easily. For better understanding, you can check out the following video guideline

  2. Are you obtaining a “USB device not recognized” error whenever you introduce a USB mouse, keyboard, camera, or different device? I will’t live while not USB ports and presently have five ports on my laptop so I can connect my mouse, keyboard, camera, phone, and printer to that all at once!

    For those of you with even a lot of USB gadgets, you most likely have connected a USB hub to 1 of your USB ports so are you able to connect even a lot of devices. Most of the time this works nice, however often your laptop may stop recognizing USB devices. The odd issue regarding this error is that the ports square measure operating simply fine, as i used to be ready to still charge my telephone while not a drag, however couldn’t get my camera recognized mistreatment constant port.

    usb device not recognized

    After disbursal loads of your time and making an attempt a bunch of various ways that to mend the matter, just one resolution over up operating on behalf of me. I’ll mention that resolution initial, however will mention the opposite attainable solutions, because the initial resolution might not fix the matter for everybody.
    Method one – disconnect laptop

    So however did I finally fix the problem? Well, if you're lucky, it’s an excellent easy solution! do that methodology initial and if it works, you’ll have saved loads of your time.

    Simply disconnect your laptop from the facility provide. affirmative that's it! Note that this doesn't mean simply turning off your laptop mistreatment the facility button as a result of latest computers don’t really shut down utterly and also the motherboard can still get power. this is often helpful typically if you would like to remotely awaken a laptop, etc.

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