Vending Machines you can find in Singapore

1. Old school drinks machine
2. Hot meals machine
3. Ice cream vending machine
4. Ice cream claw vending machine


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46 thoughts on “Vending Machines in Singapore #1”

  1. Have you visited Ang Mo Kio Hub? It has quite a few vending machines that sells different items like hair gel, shirt, random stuff etc. It's located at the last floor near the cinema. The items will be changed sometimes. And at the basement level (fairprice Xtra), there is also vending machine that sells some dry food items or something if I remember correctly, haha

  2. I like how the vending machine is efficiently placed next to the ATM @ 4:10.. Cheering yourself up after looking at your bank balance.

  3. The ice cream claw machine is absurd. 11 try can buy 1 box already. And I ocd that the ice cream came out crack. Urgg

  4. I didnt know that in spore the food quiet expensive bcs ive tried unicorn ice cream it cost only about 1.3 sgd or 13k in rupiah.. idk if its bcs the vending machine or something else 🙁

  5. $2.94 for the unicornetto? I could get 3 of the same ice cream cone for that amount in my country
    And I could get a magnum for a little less than a dollar too 🤧😂

  6. why I love dancing bacons?

    The Claw crane grips hard.
    That has never happened in the Philippines.

  7. $4 for Cornetto uni..?? Its kinda expesive ya.. in indonesia its about $1.20 only..
    Or may be its in vending machine so its more pricy..

  8. Hey, where is this Old School drinks machine located please? would totally love to check it out. 👍 thank you very much!

  9. Hi DancinBacon…i'm just curious how they will sanitize all this vending machine especially for food??? imagine how many hands will operate daily…🤔🤔🤔

  10. Dude, there are a lot of things in Singapore! I wish those thinks were in my country… at least there are tacos. Someday I will go there

  11. Hello dancing bacon, today is my father birthday. I wish everyone I can to my father. But, I wish to see ur face ; )

  12. One time at the ice cream claw machine I think outside like wild wild wet place was like at night when I was like laughing with friends checking the collection point for any free ice creams when there was ACTUALLY 1 ice cream , it was green tea flavoured . It tasted good with no contamination or anything lol

  13. wait the cornetto is $2.94? in philippines it's only $0.41 i always buy that unicornetto! i was shocked at the price ngl

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