Ep. 063 – Video can do wonders for your business and as web designers, there are many ways we can implement video to help build trust, likability and better connection with clients. It’s also a very powerful sales tool. But, it’s not always easy getting in front of the camera.

I’ve learned a lot about doing video over the years, even as a solo-preneur web designer so I want to share what I’ve learned and additionally, bring in an expert in the field to help us learn some great marketing tips for using video for our web design business.

My guest David Kilkelly of RemoteVideoTeam.com shares some amazing tips, tricks and video knowledge bombs that you’ll be able to use to create a number of different types of videos to help you grow your business and make better connections with your clients.

In This Episode:

00:28 – Video is King
04:06 – Greeting David
08:27 – Visual, engaging
12:27 – Outside comfort zone
19:53 – Power in editing
26:48 – YouTube search engine
29:14 – Social media snack
33:42 – Scheduling posts
37:42 – LinkedIn thoughts
41:52 – YouTube thoughts
44:30 – Marketing funnel
52:01 – Editing tools
55:57 – Showing personality
58:09 – Best clients

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