Vince McMahon himself steps in to show Rob Gronkowski how to properly perform his dive at WrestleMania 36 in this sneak peek at WWE 24: WrestleMania: The Show Must Go On, available to stream on demand on WWE Network.
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34 thoughts on “Vince McMahon leaps off WrestleMania 36 platform: WWE 24 sneak peek”

  1. Joey Mercury: "But I dont want to break my nose…"
    Vince: "Smack me in the face with a ladder as hard as you can, son."

  2. I love that he truly never has anybody do things he wouldn't do himself. That's more than being a boss, that's LEADERSHIP.

  3. Chris Jericho said in his book that Vince told him "I won't ask you to do anything I wouldn't". I didn't fully believe it, until I saw this.

  4. As a patriots fan, I’ve seen how much of a freak athlete and monster Groningen is on the field. So it does suprise me he was nervous but based on his last few injuries I can understand.

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