*Sponsored Video* CaptainShack Jumps into Duelyst. What makes is special? Lets find out.
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37 thoughts on “What is… Duelyst (Turn Based Strategy With Card Game Gameplay)”

  1. This game is very very fun

    I just finished a match as magmar and it was Awsome

    So basically what happened was I said hello as I entered the game and I summoned a dog that was in my deck then they rushed to it to kill it, which the did the next turn so I made the angers emoji face thing and keep in mind I was across the map so I was slowly making my way to them.

    They started to panic because I equipped TWO of the gauntlet artifacts and +2 attack from magmars ability and they started to spawn golems and those one eyed things with blades as arms and since I had the buffs I one showed them all while slowly approaching the other player when I got to them I had 12 attack and with two hits after they hit me once I won the game

    ( sorry if I missed a few alto corrects )

  2. There was in Steam a card game about steampunk-like robots that could also move around (pretty much like Warmachine Tactics style) but I can´t recall its name 🙁

  3. This has a LOT of Magic The Gathering in this. Not saying they ripped it off, they just have a lot of it in the game. +1/+1, mana, summoning, spells, etc.

  4. Do one for Faeria too! Both games are amazing. Of course, both games are missing 2vs2 or co-op mode shakes fist at anti 2vs2 and/or co-op gods.

    Faeria is similar to Duelyst, only you build the board and you tech resource tiers (a unit might cost 3 mana and require you to have two forest tiles). Hope you give it a spin; would love to hear your opinion on that game too

  5. Shack, first of all great video and keep up the good word and secondly will you do a full play though of Rebel Galaxy because i would love to see you play that!

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