I looked forward to Dynasty Warriors 9, but did I have any idea how bad it would be? Nope. Well the game is just awful in just about every way possible. I look back at every dynasty warriors before this title, and truly explain why it sucks to be 9.

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20 thoughts on “Where Did Dynasty Warriors 9 Go Wrong?”

  1. I think you guys are being to harsh with DW9, just think of it like the beginning of a new era and form of gameplay like when it first started to be hack and slash game and start being so hard to move and do combos till dw 4 that it start to being more easier and then it come dw6 it started being wow just wow , and then it come dw9 that will be the start of a new era too, maybe in dw10 there will be companions or more armies and random events like being ambushed be other characters and maybe romance options like in dw7 dynasties just think of it like the beginning of a new era

  2. Gente que trabalhou no dark souls, ninja gaiden e etc…trabalharam ou ainda trabalham nessa franquia. Será que é tão difícil atualizar a serie warriors ?

    De uma das melhores series de jogos de ação dos anos 2000-2004, para uma das maiores piadas lol

  3. One of the fun things of dynasty warriors franchise was babysitting our commanders and important officers . I remember if i let a horde of 5 soldiers near the commander dynasty warriors would say the commander is struggling and that would have added something i loved

  4. We are now at DW9, but here I am still enjoying DW5. I just feel that other DWs are getting complicated with so many features. I became a great fan of this game way back on DW3.

  5. Nope, I don't want to play dynasty warriors to kill 2k people in 2 hits. That is exactly what is wrong with the series. The combat might be accessible, but it should be hard to master, like in DW2-6. Polished, challenging and engaging combat is what made this game great. Not oversimplified gameplay, open world or voice acting.

  6. 8 didn't add much…..besides every character having a diffrent movset added more characters to the already large roster got rid of the clone movesets had a actual free mode and story mode and actually rewards you for going deeper into the combat of each character and really finding the best weapon combo that suits your style of play while still making the character themselves feel diffrent and unique in there own way and also rage mode…did you just mash square dude

  7. Really? You just complain mostly because of graphics? Not the gameplay? I bet you can't stand to play original zelda in 30 minutes

  8. Such Bullshit hatred for the game that was trying to make the game realistic you wosen't teleported to the battle you had to ride or walk to the battle zones yes true the combat could of been better but again go to the fact that this asshole kid believes that you where at the combat at a instent which is bull they didn't have planes or any modern area vehilces

  9. ikr tastes differ. DW6 appeals to me the most, maybe this is cuz it was my first dw. People who played dw2345 may dislike it, though dw6 seems better than its previous ones FOR ME. Take for example Gan Ning's new weapon – there's nothing wrong about it, it was way better than just a sword, the same shit is with Lu Bu's shuriken kinda weapon – yeap, it is not his real weapon, but still it is unusual!
    Another HUGE advantage of DW6 is that ITS SOUNDTRACKS ARE FUCKING AMAZING. As a musician i can tell that every ost has their own "voices and stories that they want to tell". We can clearly notice this in "The battle without justice", which is the song of the battle Yi Ling. Even a kid could tell that this song tells about grief and sorrow of the one who has lost his brother, his hatred and avenge towards Wu.

  10. I think DW 5, 7 and 8 had that perfect balance of cheesy, B movie dialogue but with fun gameplay and a plethora of content. Also the music always kicked ass. DW 6 and 9 don't just look bad but they TOOK AWAY content from previous games. In just about every aspect. From presentation, to character design, to story, to gameplay. It all took a huge leap backwards.

  11. It's late to leave comment but it's okay i think 😉
    I don't know why did they change th voice actors? It's awful, also the pronunciation of chinese names in the past titles of this game was great but in DW9 is really fucked up and aslo in character design, Zhao Yun looks like kids 😐

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