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Fashionista Esther Quek shows off Singapore’s must luxurious hangouts. From rooftop bars to exclusive members’ clubs, the places where Singapore’s crazy rich Asians go to be seen.


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30 thoughts on “Where the real crazy rich Asians of Singapore hang out”

  1. Actually you don't even need money to hang out in MBS. MBS has some free attractions and you can always come to the shops without buying anything.

  2. Girls who work hard and focus on their goals and family more than love and materialistic things can live their live like her. Classy, bold, beautiful and independent woman.🌟🌟

  3. I live in saudi arabia, my family gets 30k a month and we save up to travel and get all the fancy stuff, I cannot say that we weren’t born wealthy but my parents worked really hard for it. They deserve all the fancy stuff<3

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