Michelle Obama and the Girls Opportunity Alliance sit down with YouTube Creators Liza Koshy, Prajakta Koli and Thembe Mahlaba to answer the question “what does it really mean to educate a girl?” Each creator travels to a different country to visit a grassroots organization working to improve the lives of girls in their community.

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30 thoughts on “Why 98 Million Adolescent Girls Aren't In School #CreatorsForChange”

  1. It's such a wonderful thing to have programs to support youth's ambitions like this. A young lady mentioned her parents do not believe in her goals. Young people need mentors, especially if they cannot find that support at home.

  2. Lots of love to all the girls and women . I really hope one day the girls in Pakistan get the opportunities like this too. Many girls don’t know what they need to decide for future. Becoming a doctor is only thing every girl has being brought up with. Luckily the new youth is emerging with having whatever they want to become but we need a system to help please do some projects in Pakistan spread awareness there please it’s a very humble request.

  3. I love this already and I'm only 10min in! I love seeing liza in this kind of setting 💓 change the world girl!

  4. i am so happy to have mom and dad that supported me so much but this is not always the case for many of the girls.I am so happy to see their are schools and institute where they support this things .I always happy to help and support it.

  5. this is what we need to watch it and thnx so much cause I think Thai I am there present at that time it's amazing …..

  6. we are proud of u @mostlysane ! prajakta u have made the country proud and all these women on the table too

  7. Это просто невероятно! Я так много плакала да этим! Нереально потрясающие девушки и женщины! Рада это это существует!

  8. This is so cool and amazing I definitely know what it is like we’re all you have is school to make your life better. As a person who is disabled with cerebral palsy. And how important school is. I’m currently almost done completing my bachelors degree in photography and planning on getting my masters degree in mental health counseling to become a therapist. I wanted to be bigger then a stereotype or better then the people who deny you because of who you are and your situation.

  9. I love how the girls in all these countries wanted to give back to their community the same way they got an opportunity from these organizations. I love it!

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