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Ray Bradbury’s novel imagines a world where books are banned- and possessing, let alone reading them, is forbidden.The protagonist, Montag, is a fireman responsible for destroying what remains. The story raises the question: how can you preserve your mind in a society where free will, self-expression and curiosity are under fire? Iseult Gillespie examines what makes the dystopian novel a classic.

Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, directed by Anton Bogaty.

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20 thoughts on “Why should you read “Fahrenheit 451”? – Iseult Gillespie”

  1. This book analysis is very mesmerising to listen to, nearly hard to describe with mere words. It depicts Fahrenheit 451's meaning and ideas with clean accuracy. Using eloquent, articulate and breviloquent language.

    This video alone is reason enough to read Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, then read it again.

  2. Pretty ironic that it was a bit of a protest against anti communism and related government crackdowns, yet now it is the left that is championing the censorship and banning of literature and other ideas.

  3. This will be Joe biden's America, everybody should watch George Orwell's movie 1984, it's about communism which is what the new Democrats in America are

  4. Farenheit 451 is NOT a masterpiece. It is incredibly heavy handed and the characters are boring and two dimensional. Its an example of a book thats famous by virtue of having so little conpetition.

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